Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My favourite meal of the year

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In July of 2008 I started Pink Bites, and it has been a love affair since then. I love cooking and photography and I found a way of putting the two together. It's been six months and I will continue blogging  for as long as I enjoy it. Surely we indulge ourselves every once in a while, but make no mistakes, not all our meals here at home are plated nicely, photographed and posted. Nor they are all made with sugar, butter and flour... We have our fair share of grilled cheese dinners, left over meals and pantry/fridge clean-up meals.

One thing we don't do much if compared with most people we know is eating out.  The times we do, however, we really enjoy it. We discovered some really nice Thai, Vietnamese and Italian joints in Seattle over the past year. We also happen to live a couple of blocks away from a fondue restaurant which we enjoy too.

So, what was my favourite meal of 2008?  The one I can remember anytime despite my terrible memory? It wasn't anything fancy, expensive or any special occasion. It was one that Andrew put together for me on a summer day when I was walking home from downtown after one of the many job interviews I went through in 2008. I was drained, tired and hungry. I had spoken with Andrew over the phone while coming home and told him how exhausted I was. When I got home, I saw the table set for me with a simple yet delicious salad made of beans, onions, radishes, greens, croutons , olives and parmesan cheese. And because Andrew knows me so well, I also had my favourite drink of all times - fresh coconut water - opened and waiting for me. He even took photos of it. It was really fun and a real treat for me.

One could think that having dinner ready on the table for me would perhaps spoil me and make me want it every day, but in fact it had the opposite effect. I realized how special it is to have a meal that it was prepared just for you, by someone you love. That made me even more eager to spend my mornings in our kitchen cooking and preparing meals for him and for us to eat together.

After all, it is so much more than just food.


Happy New Year everyone. Wishing that 2009 will bring us many sweet, memorable moments around the dining table.

 fave meal


test it comm said...

Nice salad. Happy new year!

anudivya said...

This looks lovely! And the coconut water, Oh I so miss it! I miss my coconut tree :(
Happy New Year.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Happy New Year! I love fresh coconut juice too. And I'm always in favor of eating more VNese. ;)

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

my kind of meal for sure. i am a legume person. happy new year!

Rita said...

Thanks Kevin!

anudivya - I LOVE coconut water.Do you have a tree??

WC - I think you'll see more VNese food here, but I don't promise :)

Aran - Happy new year to you too!

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