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About me:

Hi, I am Rita. I was born and lived in Brazil until the age of 21 and now I live in Seattle,WA. In between then and now, I visited many countries, worked hard, played hard, met people from all over the world, married Andrew and learned to cook.

I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and although I don't eat any kind of meat, I cook ita lot for family and friends. The food I cook and eat at home reflects our diverse family background and world travels.

About Pink Bites:

You will find that the contents of this blog is about 90% vegetarian (sweets are vegetarian, right?). The 10% comes mostly from dishes I make for Andrew which he tastes and gives me his feedback. I love to cook and I do so everyday, but I only post recipes that work out and tastes good great.


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