Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Food Trends

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I recently came across a report on Contemporary Food Trends done by The Hartman Group which by the way is located here in Bellevue ,Washington.

I is a very interesting read for anyone who enjoys all-things food, from popular ingredients to restaurant menus to groceries trends. To me it seemed like consumer trends are heading in a good direction:

  • less processed foods
  • continuing appreciation of local and organic food and
  • trying new foods and ingredients in search for the new "super food".

Personally for me, I was happy to see familiar names on the rise:

  • Bach Flower Essences (my father has been a big fan and believer for a long time)
  • Dry Soda (the lavender one is THE best, I used it to make a lavender float last summer, plus the bottles make lovely vases too)
  • Coconut water (I like to buy young coconuts, open it at home and drink it straight from the shell - like this. There is no comparison with the canned stuff that is normally artificially sweetened)
  • Brazil nuts (I like them on our granola and even in cookies)
  • Fermented, cultured dairy (I know a great product I want to share you all soon)
  • Pho (love it!!)
  • Frisee salad with poached eggs (something like this one)
  • Soba Noodles (so good for you...I tend to like it in soups better than salads)
  • Peruvian and Korean Cuisine ( I smell Pisco...)

You can download the complete report here. Enjoy the read!

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