Healthy Recipes

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beet salad copyBeet and raspberry salad
apple thyme celey salad 2 Apple, celery and pomegranate warm salad
mango salad5Grilled mango and spinach salad

caprese 3Caprese salad
chickpea salad 5Crunchy chickpea salad
poached salad 2 Bitter greens and poached egg salad
pumpkin salad 1Roasted pumpkin salad
tofu ceasarTofu Caesar dressing


quinoa bft 2 copyWarm Quinoa breakfast cereal
granola frame Granola


squash copyRoasted garlic and goat cheese stuffed squash

eggplant boat 3Eggplant Canoes
berinjelas a moda caribe2Baked eggplant with coconut milk
baked acorn 2Maple baked acorn


gazpacho soupGazpacho
soba shitake soup 3Soba noodles and shitake soup


spaguetti blossomSpaghetti with zucchini blossoms
penne 1Penne with fresh tomato sauce
turkey meatball close upSpaghetti with light turkey meatballs

Sandwiches and Rolls

tricolore sand whole Tricolore sandwich
vegetable sandwich 1Sourdough vegetable sandwich
shrimp rollsVietnamese shrimp rolls
tofu rollsVietnamese tofu rolls


poached pearPears poached in green tea
mango parfait copyMango and coconut parfait
figs and ricotta 1Grilled figs and ricotta


blackberry drink Blackberry smoothie
arrepio 3Pineapple and mint juice
banana date smoothieBanana and date smoothie
watermelon juice 1Watermelon and ginger juice