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Chocolate Easter Eggs

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Chocolate eggs are a big Easter tradition in Brazil, and they are not so easy to find here,  so I have been making my own for the past two years. Typically you would wrap them in some sort of pretty cellophane or foil and decorate it with ribbons. It makes for a great Easter gift.

This is barely a recipe as there really isn’t much to it but melted chocolate that’s cooled in a egg mold. I found the plastic molds online.

I chose bittersweet chocolate that does not contain any dairy, but a combination of bittersweet and milk chocolate works well too.




Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe

this recipe makes one large full egg or two small ones

You will need:

1/2 lb. (500g) good quality chocolate*


Chop the chocolate.

Melt chocolate in the microwave or on a double boiler, whatever method works best for you.

Spread a thin layer of melted chocolate in the molds, just enough to cover it. Place molds in the fridge for about 10 minutes.

After that time, remove from fridge and apply another layer of chocolate. repeat this process until all the chocolate is gone, or until you reach the desired thickness for the eggs.

If you want the parts to melt together, heat a knife or metal spatula quickly under an open flame and pass it around the edges. Immediately join the parts, they should stick together.


* A note on chocolate: If you are using coverture chocolate, you can use it right away, but if using regular chocolate, it’s a good idea to temper it before putting it in the molds. There are several ways to temper chocolate and a wide range of articles and video tutorials online, so I won’t get too much into it here.




This year, I made two variations for Easter: Trail mix and goji berries eggs


Trail Mix Chocolate Egg



Make a plain chocolate egg as described above and let it firm up. Once firmed, fill the cavity of the eggs with a trail mix of choice:  dried fruits, mixed nuts, seeds, candied ginger, pretzels, etc.

Put  the two parts together and warp it with foil.

Keep refrigerated until ready to enjoy.




Goji Berry Chocolate Egg



Make a plain chocolate egg as described above, but sprinkle some chopped goji berries during the second layer while the chocolate is still soft. On the third layer, use the leftover chocolate to cover most of the berries that might be sticking out.

Close the two parts and warp in foil. Keep refrigerated until ready to enjoy.





You can use any other kind dried fruits you want. I like the contrast of the tart goji berries with the chocolate.






Happy Easter!

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