Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pizza with roasted red pepper sauce

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pepper pizza


Remember that roasted red pepper and ricotta sauce I used on a penne a while ago? Here it is again, making another appearance, this time as a pizza sauce. This versatile sauce not only brings lots of flavour to the pizza  but also makes for an extra cheesy, creamy one. That is because I added shredded mozzarella, so you end up with two types of cheeses. Not everyone may like it, Andrew for example thought it was a little over the top. I love it, I am used having creamy cheeses on pizzas, it's a common thing in Brazil.

I had a batch of the roasted red pepper and ricotta in the fridge and also had a pizza dough ready and resting in the refrigerator, so dinner was ready in no time at all.


Here is what I used:

1 ball of my  homemade pizza dough

about 1/4 cup of roasted red pepper and ricotta sauce (recipe here)

shredded mozzarella

sliced mushrooms


fresh basil


Just roll out the pizza dough, spread the sauce, layer the mushrooms and cheese and top it with a few olives. Bake it at 475 degrees for about 8 minutes. Top with fresh basil and enjoy it!


Dana said...

Looks delicious! Love the fresh basil on there.

Karen said...

This looks yummy! Great picture... looks like it belongs on a magazine cover !

Elyse said...

Oh man, this sounds fabulous! I adore roasted red peppers, especially when they get used in a sauce. Not only does this pizza look divine, I can only imagine that it tastes amazing. I can't wait to try this one out!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

That sounds and looks amazing! I can tell that if I tried this it would quickly become my favourite pizza!

jen jafarzadeh said...

this looks so good — definitely on my list to try.

test it comm said...

Using the roasted red pepper sauce on a pizza is a great idea!

Tati said...

I love recipes like that!
I will do here at home then put on my site.
be sure to visit me, I am Brazilian and I live in the USA.

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