Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quinoa and Vegetables Stuffed Mushroom

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stuffed portobello

I love to use large portobello mushrooms as vessels for various fillings like salads, mashed potatoes, eggs, risotto. They are great served as side dishes or paired with a green salad for a light lunch. Another nice thing about it is that you can customize each mushroom to different individual's needs and tastes. Use a veggie mix for the vegetarians, ground meat for carnivores, melt some cheese for the kids, whatever fits your family.

This one posted here is a super healthy version using quinoa, kale, vegetables and raisins. I like to chop the stalk of the mushroom and use it as well, so there is minimum waste.

If you start with cooked quinoa, this dish takes about 30 minutes to make. You can try adding a spoon full of ricotta to the quinoa mix to make a moister filling, or top it with some parmesan or mozzarella cheese.

Quinoa and Vegetables Stuffed Portobello Recipe:

The ingredients listed here are the ones pictured, but hey can be easily substituted. Use rice or barley instead of quinoa, different veggies, add nuts and other dried fruits that you like. Whatever type of grain you choose to use, be sure it is fully cooked (leftovers are great).

You will need:

portobello mushrooms

olive oil

chopped onions ( 2 tablespoons per mushroom)

chopped garlic (use 1 per mushroom)

chopped carrots (1/2 carrot per mushroom)

kale, stalk removed (1 leaf per mushroom)

cooked red quinoa


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Remove mushroom stalks and chop it. Set aside. Remove gills from mushrooms and brush each mushroom with olive oil all around. Season well with salt and pepper. Set aside.

In a skillet, heat some olive oil and cook onions until translucent adding the garlic on the last minute. Add the chopped mushroom stalks and chopped carrots, cook until mushrooms are browned, add kale and a tablespoon of water to help cook it. Add the quinoa and raisins and cook until warmed. Season with salt and pepper.

Spoon quinoa mixture inside the mushrooms, pressing down to pack as much filling as possible. Transfer to a baking sheet and cook for about 30 minutes. Serve warm.

Enjoy it!

stuffed portobello 1


Deseree said...

Yet again we are on the same page! I just posted my stuffed mushrooms, yours are a little more filling though and they look healthy AND delicious which is a nice combination. :)

Jennifer said...

Wow that looks good! I love quinoa, it's so nice to see you using it! :)

Marta said...

This looks so nice and hearty! Must-try for sure! I'm not a huge meat eater, so I always resort to shrooms, zuchs or eggplants on the BBQ. I'll try this stuffed version as soon as the weather permits!

stephchows said...

I'm totally in love with this!! I can't wait to give it a try :)

Katie Barlow said...

Yum! I think one of the best ways to make a veggie dish more exciting is to stuff it in a portabella or bell pepper.

Lori said...

This is fantastic! I'm always looking for new ways to use quinoa and this is one of the best I've seen. A great combo for sure!

Mauro said...

Isso, judia da gente... eu falei prá Regina que quando a gente for visitá-la, vamos ter que baixar na sua casa para filar uma bóia! :-P

Rita said...

Mauro- hahaha.....pode vir filar boia sim! Eu acho que vou passear em SFCO no verao, queroir a um restaurante vegetariano que sempre ouvi falar (Nao lembro o nome) nao water front.

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