Friday, February 13, 2009

Chocolate-Banana Panini

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After I made those yummy potato-buttermilk rolls I decided to used them for a sweet treat as well. Bananas and chocolate are a great combo, so why not put them together in a bun? Super easy to make, this is a quick recipe that can be made at any time of the day. I used the rolls I had at home but brioche would be a good choice too.  Basically any bread that is plain (no olives, herbs).  Here it's how it's made:


Chocolate-Banana Panini Recipe:

makes 2 panini


1 banana

1 tablespoon of unsalted butter


chocolate chips

2 rolls


Peel the banana and slice it lengthwise then crosswise, making 4 pieces. Melt the butter in a skillet and sprinkle it with cinnamon. Add the bananas ad cook them just until they are browned but sill firm, turning once. Set aside, do not clean the skillet (just yet).

Split buns open and wipe the skillet's butter with them (now you can wash the skillet...).   Divide bananas into buns and top it with chocolate chips, as much as you want. Close sandwiches, butter outside of buns and place them on a hot panini maker. Grill them until chocolate has melted. Serve warm, it goes really nice with a glass of cold milk, yum!

Enjoy it!


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Mmm...that sounds good!

test it comm said...

That chocolate and banana panini looks so good!

pigpigscorner said... favourite combination!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Elvis would be proud!

Carla said...

A foto e' que me mata... nham! Ai, que fome!

Hayley said...

Banana and chocolate are some of my favorite flavor combinations, especially in my morning oatmeal. Your panini looks incredible, thanks for sharing!

Rita said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Bridget The Internet Chef said...

What a wonderful recipe!! Thak you for sharing it.

I liked it so much I've included it in my Funkiest Chocolate recipes on the Web. Congradulations!!

Looking forward to many more beautiful recipes.


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