Friday, January 23, 2009

A Valentine's Day Breakfast Idea

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heart eggs

This photo is from last October, when Andrew and I celebrated our second anniversary. The flowers were my present from him, and the breakfast was mine for him. I am a believer of celebrating life special dates, but that doesn't necessarily mean expensive presents or fancy restaurant dinners.  

I made this breakfast back then and thought I would share the idea here since Valentines Day is coming soon.

The heart-shaped eggs were made with a pancake/egg shaper, I think they turned out very cute. I kind of burned the toasts....but if you look closely, it says I ♥ YOU. It is just something you press on the bread before toasting it.

heart eggs 1 heart eggs 2


I bought both these items at Urban Outfitters, but I am sure they are available at kitchen supply stores. Unfortunately I don't have the original packaging anymore and therefore can't really say what the brands are.  Here is a look at them:

heart stuff

They cost me very little and I was able to make something unexpected and surprise my valentine for breakfast. You can do the same.


Karen said...

What a cool idea... I bet your hubby loved it :)

Charlie said...

That's very adorable!! Do you have any valentines day dinner ideas? :P

Anonymous said...

Here from Desert Candy, just beginning to browse. Very cute breakfast :) I can never manage to get these egg shapes right: either my pan is faulty or the shaper but egg runs right off seeping beneath the shaper!

May I comment on the blog layout? In the second it took for the page to load, the thousands of pills with their memory of that yucky pill/vitamin smell put me off strongly. It'd probably not matter if it wasn't a food blog though. You might want to consider changing it :)

Rita said...

Karen - thanks, he did love it.

Michelle - we like things like foundue at the coffe table for a nice romantic dinner. The heart shapes can be used to make hanburgers or meatloaves too.

Swati - I had the same problem with the eggs, fixed it by pressing on the egg shaper until the egg is set. I think it happens because the pan use dis probably a little warped, so I think a gridlle pan would help too. Thanks for the feedback on the layout, I think they are coloured sprinkles...but I'll keep that in mind.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

What a cute idea! Looks delicious too!

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