Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Banana and Strawberry Chocolate Drizzled Skewers

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banana strawberry skewer


This is our alternative to fondue. We love having fondue, whether it is at home or at a restaurant (we happen to live two blocks away from one...). But what does a fondue lover does during the summer months or when money is short to spend on fondue? The skewer you see on the picture is my answer to that.  I think bananas and strawberries go really well together, and what fruit doesn't like to be covered in chocolate?

I take some chocolate chips, melt it in the microwave and stir cream until the right consistency. Sure it can be done on the stove using a double boiler but the idea here is to have as little work as possible. The strawberries are washed, dried and leaves removed. Bananas are chopped into fairly large pieces. Once the fruits are in the skewer, it's just drizzle some chocolate and let it set.  Yum!

banana strawberry skewer1


Anonymous said...

This is so yummy! I thought the bananas where marshmallows!-but then again you can also add marshmallows!!!yum

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing photographs, and such a great, simple recipe.

Karen said...

Mmm this looks so good! Some of the best things are the simplest :)

Anonymous said...

Really awesome idea.....I used it for my sisters birthday party. It was nice and simple and easy to prepare!!! 5 Stars :D

Anonymous said...

I am so making this for my best friends 21st birthday. It'll be a nice refreshing dessert (as well as cake!) especially for the 25 something people going to be there!

Thanks for the awesome idea!

choccycake said...

Delicious looking, has to be chocolate with fruit!

Anonymous said...

strawberries are EXSPENSIVE. so fail. some people cant afford it. sad.ik

rita said...

@Anonymous - wait until the strawberries are on sale. I see them at discounted prices very often at my local gocery store (which is a chain). But you can use this idea with any fruits that you like, if they don't fit on a skewer, just drizzle the chocolate over the fruits in a bowl.

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